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Activity in 2012

R-0 a period 2012.4.23 (Sponsor)

Erling Dahl jr.’s lecture En introduksjon til hans liv og musikk

  • At Royal Norwegian Embassy
  • Cooperation:Royal Norwegian Embassy
  • Fund:NORLA

アーリング・ダールJr氏This was a commemorative lecture by Erling Dahl jr who is a former president at Troldhaugen Grieg Musuem.His book is translated in Japanese by Hikari Kobayashi,and published by Ongaku-no-tomo.Almost 80people of attendance at the reception interchanged of personnel. An article on this lecture was published by Ongaku-no tomo music magazine in June.

R-1 a period 2012.6.20(Support)

Niki-kai week@Suntory hall 2012

Nordic Songs that consists of Grieg and Sibelius mainly.

R-1 a period 2012.12.9(Sponsor)

Fumie Masaki's Lecture and Concert An introduction to E.Grieg  -What is Grieg like?- At Takagi Klavier Shoto Salon Support;The Royal Norwegian Embassy

Fumie Masaki's Lecture and ConcertFumie Masaki who is a pianist and a director of The Grieg Society of Japan gave a lecture and concert at Takagi Klavier Shoto Salon in Shibuya.She interpreted about Grieg's life for 64years,and performed some of the masterpieces of Grieg's piano music with showing beautiful pictures that are related to Grieg.The attendance enjoyed it and encouraged us.