The Grieg Society of Japan’s Regulation

Article 1 (Object)

This society follows the spirit of Edward Grieg’s following words to love music, deepen understanding, bring friendship and seek true joy and happiness in life…《Man må først være menneske. All sann kunst vokser ut av det menneskelige》’All men must first be a human being.  All of the true art is born from humanistic things.’  This includes the object of diffusing and enlighten the performing the music and study of Grieg’s music.

Article 2 (Name)

The Japanese name of this society shall be ‘日本グリーグ協会’.  The English name shall be ‘The Grieg Society of Japan’.

Article 3 (Activity)

This society shall do activities to pursue Article 1 and also establish cordial relations with The Grieg Society of Norway.

Article 4 (Qualification for membership)

Anyone who loves Grieg and agrees to the object and activity of this society may aquire membership.  The member may be dismissed if the membership fee is overdue for more than one year or the committee judges that he or she has conducted a dishonorable act.

Article 5 (Executive Staff)

The following executive staff shall be appointed.

Chairman       1 person

Directors       several


Article 6 (Honorary Chairman・Honorary member・Advisor)

The Society may accept an honorary chairman, honorary member or advisor.

Article 7 (Annual fee etc.)

The admission fee of the society shall be 2,000 yen and the annual fee shall be as follows.

・Student member (University Graduate students in their 20’s: 3,000 yen

・General member: 4,000 yen

・Performing member (Pro and amateur members who may have an opportunity to perform Grieg’s music in 

public or teach a seminar of publish a study)       :5,000 yen

*Privilege: If you self-apply the society will present you with decorative flowers once a year when you perform music or present a seminar of Grieg.  If you do not make use of this privilege it will not be carried over to the next year.

・Charter Sponsor (Members who understand the activity of the society and would like to support the operation.): 10,000 yen

*Privilege: Added on to the performing members privilege, if you apply the society will send a telegram to ceremonial occasions to the members relation of the first degree.

・Overseas members    :1,000 yen

・Company members   :10,000 yen

*Members of a company or private organization.  Complimentary ticket up to three members of the organization.

Article 8 (Foundation date and financial year)

The society has been founded on June 15, 1996.  The financial year is from June 15 to the following year’s June 14.

Article 9 (Location)

The location of the society is 3-3-27-204 Kita-machi, Nerima-ku, Tokyo.

Article 10 (Amendment of Regulations)

The regulations may be amended with the agreement majority of the society staff.